Who are we?

We are e-commerce focused accountants who, like you, are passionate about e-commerce and its endless possibilities. To be honest, we were never this focused, we started off just like traditional accountants however the challenges faced by the fast-moving nature of e-commerce shop owners brought us here.

We look beyond the traditional numbers to help you grow. Our mission and commitments are to save you time and stress through the use of modern technology, clear communication, and specialisation.

If you are running an e-commerce business and want to focus on being able to run things without worrying about anything associated with tax, then you are in the right place.

Our experience.

We are the accountants that understand your business. We work with Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, and Shopify. We have a wealth of experience working with online sellers like you alleviating your company by linking and consulting on platforms like Revel and DearSystems.

Amazon FBA
Others (WooCommerce, Wix, Magento & etc.)
R&D Claims

Why us?

Dedicated Support

Don’t deal with anymore call centres and account managers, at The Accounting Buddy you’ll have your very own expert personal accountant who’ll be your point of contact at all times.

Committed to your Success

We love e-commerce and we believe in it. We are committed to your success as it proves what we believe in. Your success defines our success.

Value for Money

We pride ourselves on providing clear and fair pricing because we understand the industry and difficulties of scaling your business. We ensure we are not the ones who clog up your growth.


Qualified accountants backed by 5 years of great support to e-commerce businesses and other retail businesses that we have helped get on the e-commerce ladder. We know the inside out and the pitfalls.

Expertise is every top platform.

Supporting businesses on the top global platforms in the UK. We understand how these modern business models work and enable businesses to grow through smart accounting and financial insights.

Working as your business advisors.

We are here with one aim to make sure everything we do revolves around you. We strive to cut downtime, money, and headspace when it comes to accounting and finance.

With us, you’ll always have a dedicated accountant that you can ask questions. Whatever you choose just know what we will always be by your side advising you of common pitfalls, showing you the best practice, and give you a quick answer to most queries.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Expert e-commerce management of all your financial needs. We ensure your business is fully compliant with all the regulalatory submissions.


We specialise in multiple platforms and work in partnership with so many others. If your business is in need of special care or an expert eye than we are the best fit to find solutions to your problems.

Finance Department

Professionally qualified people who are equally excited handling your everyday management of finance functions to enable you to focus on growing the business and catch a break!


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